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Mar 30
Sky Displays Fireworks

Know your sky fireworks

Finale Fireworks Australia has built a fantastic reputation over the years as a High Class Boutique Pyrotechnics Company specialising in outdoor sky shows both on-water “barge” and land based displays for private functions and corporate events servicing the Sydney Basin, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Newcastle region, South Coast and beyond.

With this experience Finale Fireworks has put some information together below on sky display fireworks, how they work and the different types.

The magic of sky fireworks

“Firework” originates from the Greek word pyrotechnics, which implies, suitably, “fire art” or “fire skill”; which is appropriate as there’s no lack of craftsmanship and expertise in present day fireworks shows.

Sky display fireworks, known also as aerial fireworks are beautiful and can highlight and make events such as wedding proposals, weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions and festival’s memorable.

In New South Wales the spectacular effects of fireworks are usually orchestrated by a pyrotechnician.

Finale Fireworks Australia specialises in outdoor sky shows both on-water “barge” and land based displays for private functions and corporate events.

Mark at Finale Fireworks Australia  explains, “Every display is individually designed and crafted for an event”.  Mark goes on to explain, “Setting up a fireworks show on land or on our purpose built barge requires careful planning of the fireworks to be included.  Fireworks used and length of show is determined by budget.”

How do sky fireworks work?

To get the fireworks airborne, pyrotechnicians rely on a chain of two explosions.

How fireworks work, sky fireworks

Know your sky fireworks

T­he pattern that an aerial shell paints in the sky depends on the arrangement of star pellets inside the shell.

Below Finale Fireworks Australia have put together a few of the fireworks that you may see, and the names.

Sky Fireworks

Now you know a little more about sky fireworks displays and the fireworks that are used.

If you are looking to impress an audience at an event Finale Fireworks Australia can put together a package that ensures your audience is captivated.

Our packages are affordable with land based fireworks sky displays starting from $4960 and our barge shows starting from $5960, they are all inclusive of applications, insurance and of course, epic fireworks!   There is no upper limit to the show size, the higher the budget, the longer and more powerful the display.

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